Guadalupe Peak - 8749 feet
9/4/2004 10:30AM

Guadalupe Mountains National Park
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Monument at the high point

The ammo box contains the register book

Me on top

El Capitan as seen from the top of Guadalupe Peak

From up here, you can see more evidence of the ancient reef which forms the Guadalupe mountain range.

Ancient Sea

Most of the area east of Guadalupe Peak was underwater about 250 million years ago.

Looking north

The high country is forested and contains different types of flora & fauna than the desert floor below

A look at the trail on the way back down

Bridge across a cliff section of the trail

There are a few places with steep dropoff next to the trail, but nothing where I was 'exposed'

Prickly Pear cactus and other flowers along the trail

Another view looking down to the highway