South Carolina

Sassafras Mountain - 3560 feet
5/1/2002 1:45PM
I drove down from Whitewater Falls which is about an hour away. If I knew the exact location, I would have been able to take a more direct route. As it was, I had to stop at a gas station along the highway to get directions. I proceeded past the "Rocky Bottom Camp of the Blind" sign & up the hill. I saw a wild turkey near the road on the way up. Mosquitoes were dive-bombing as soon as I stepped out of the car. The parking lot for the summit is about 5 times the size of the actual summit area, which is about a two minute walk up the road. It is completely wooded over, with no scenic vistas to speak of. The USGS marker is sort of out in the middle of a small grassy area. There was also evidence of a fire ring and campsite a few yards away. I didn't see any other people the entire time, which was kind of weird. From here, I drove across the Chattooga River ("Deliverance" country) over to Brasstown Bald.


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