Backbone Mountain - 3360 feet
6/14/2002 7:00PM 64 degrees
Since Backbone Mountain is a short distance from the Pennsylvania highpoint, we were able to hit both of these in the same day. I don't think we could have found the route to the top without detailed instructions. The instructions we had suggested to park in the open area at the bottom of the hill, but instead Jason just gunned our Jeep and before we knew it we were halfway to the top. After that the road started to get too treacherous for even a 4x4 vehicle, so we parked in a turnaround area and walked 20 minutes or so to the top. The summit is heavily wooded, but we did find the state boundry marker and signed the logbook. There was even a little platform to use for taking pictures. We got out of there just as the light was beginning to fade. From there, we drove to Blackwater Falls State Park and spent the night in the lodge there.

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