Lakewood Park - 345 feet
4/28/2002 10:30AM
I drove up from St Petersburg on Saturday evening and spent the night at a Ramada in DeFuniak Springs, which is about halfway between Tallahassee and Pensacola along I-10. The motel supplied a coupon for a free breakfast at the truck stop across the street. I went and checked it out, but it could be best described as the prototypical hellish truck stop diner. I made a quick exit and opted for some decent food out of my cooler. Lakewood Park is about 20 minutes up the road from there. I approached from the south and overshot the park, but managed to catch the sign out of the corner of my eye so I was able to turn around quickly. The only other people were two guys with motorcycles sitting at a picnic table. There is actually some nice countryside with rolling hills, you wouldn't think it's part of Florida. From the park, a large pasture with cows is visible to the Southeast. In the fifteen minutes I spent there, only two cars drove by on the 2-lane road. It was very quiet except for a lot of chirping birds.


Lakewood Park